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Crocus Bulbs

Lees verder

Crocuses are one of spring's most cherished flowers.

Crocus corms produces pretty six petalled flowers which open and close with sunlight. Each Crocus corm produces between one and five flowers on narrow grass-like foliage.

Crocus bulbs are very hardy and left undisturbed they will re-appear yearly increasing rapidly in numbers year by year. Crocus bulbs are suitable for planting in pots, borders on lawns and some Crocus species can be forced to bloom early indoors. We stock some of the finest species Crocus Chrysanthus and Crocus Vernus corms dug fresh from the fields of Holland.

How to Plant Crocus Flower Bulbs

How to plant Crocus Corms: All Crocus including the Botanical Crocus species are actually known as corms, not built up of scales but it's a solid food storage with the new eyes for next season on top underneath the dried outer skin. Plant them at a depth of 6 - 8 cm (3 Inch). The broad bottom should be pressed into the fine loosened up soil of the planting site. Break up the topsoil into finer soil (remove clumps) and replace the soil gradually over the planted Crocus corms.

Water well. Fertilise in early spring with some organic fertiliser on top when the sprouts become visual. Fertilise again end of April with a compound fertiliser of NPK 12-10-18. Mulch is essential for Crocus corms.

You can plant Crocus corms underneath trees or in a lawn, lift up the grass with a sharp spade (cut out blocks), loosen up the soil underneath and plant the corms. The grass will be a good protection for the winter. Mow the planted lawn area by mid may and they will return again and again.

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