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Daffodils - Narcissi

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Daffodils, the quintessential harbingers of spring.

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Daffodil is the common name for all members of the genus Narcissus. There are many different daffodil varieties, which are divided into different divisions. Daffodils with there nodding golden heads are truly the essence of spring. They can be seen growing in borders, containers, banks and hedgerows in late winter and early spring, they flower in a wide variety of colours from white to golden and shades of orange, red and pink.

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How to Plant Daffodils 

Prepare a planting plan of what to plant and where. Choose a few different Varieties of Narcissi’s for a succession of flowers. Narcissi and Daffodils grow to various heights so always plant in relation to the given height of the plant. In front of the border plant the dwarf ones and the tall ones at the back. It's worth remembering that these bulbs can remain in the same spot for many years so plant them somewhere where they will be undisturbed if you wish them to return year after year. 

Prepare the planting area by using a spade, dig up the Soil to a depth of approx 12 -14 cm (4 - 5") Plant the bulbs in the loosened up Soil, place the bulbs with the root base downwards (smallest part up wards) in the Soil and press firmly, cover the bulbs with the removed topsoil and cover with a layer of mulch.

Fertilise every year on top of the planting site with organic fertiliser during January - February and give a good 12-10-18 compound fertiliser during spring. This will keep your bulbs Healthy and growing.

Deadheading the bulbs not only encourages a larger bulb to form for the next year it also improves the appearance of the clumps. Do not remove the yellowing foliage before it has turned brown as this dying foliage will help to feed the bulbs and make them stronger for next year.

Remove the old foliage from your garden at the end of the growing cycle.

How to Force Narcissi - Daffodil Flowerbulbs

Best Varieties for indoor forcing are : Jetfire -Tete a Tete -Geranium - Bridal Crown- Golden Harvest- Ice Follies - Salomé and Carlton

Plant your Narcissi around October in pots with a diam. of 17 cm and over, place some pebbles at the bottom for drainage and fill the planter halfway with potting compost and coarse sand. Plant the Narcissi in the planter with the smallest tip upwards, fill up with the Soil mix and press down firmly, water well.

Place the planted pot in a dark, cold location, this can be under a crate or box outside (use old banana boxes they are strong) in a corner of the garden, or you dig out a bed in which the pots fit (edge of pots below top Soil) place a layer of straw over it and fill up with the top Soil taken out. Inspect regularly. Once the sprouts are appox. 6-8 cm tall and when the flower buds are visual, the planters can be taken indoors. Clean them with some luke warm water and place the planters in a moderate warm room (16-18 centigrade) such as a bedroom, but in bright daylight. Spray the pots daily with a water mister. Once the flowerbuds are visual and the foliage starts to spread, take them into the living room and force them into flower.

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