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Gladioli bloom with orchid-like flowers in striking colour combinations and is the ideal choice for long-lasting cut flowers.

The large flowering Gladioli bulb varieties are perfect for the back of the border and the smaller nanus Gladioli bulbs are great for between perennials in mixed borders or containers.

Dig the bulbs up in late autumn and store in a cool dry place, ready to plant again next season. Large assortment of Premium Gladioli Bulbs direct from Holland, 100% Guaranteed, Quick Delivery.

Two-tone Gladiolus varieties such as Gladioli Prins Claus and Gladioli Robinetta are perfect for creating a dramatic and exciting display in gardens and bouquets.

How to Plant Gladioli

Large flowering Gladioli and so called dwarf types, are lovely summer bulbs for the border.  They provide a lot of color from July until Fall. To be successful plant them at sunny locations in your garden. Preferably with some protection against wind.

Plant the bulbs in well prepared loosened soil by pressing the bulbs down into the soil and cover them with just 2-3 cm or so. Water well and give some support if needed.

Gladioli plants can grow up to 125 cm with ease, so some canes can be required.

Fertilise three weeks after planting with some organic fertiliser and with a compound fertiliser when the plants are about one Ft. tall.

Gladioli make excellent cutflowers for in the vase. Give them plenty of water the night before you cut them, they will last longer in the vase !

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