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Hyacinth Flower Bulbs

Lees verder

Hyacinths are popular for their beautifully scented, long-lasting flowers.

Appearing mid spring, conical shaped dense clusters of florets on strap-like foliage.

Hyacinth bulbs usually flower March to April so they should be planted in autumn before first frosts. Plant Hyacinth bulbs in a sunny position in well-drained soil.

Special 'prepared' Hyacinths can be forced to flower early indoors during winter; prepared Hyacinths make popular Christmas gifts.

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How to Plant Hyacinth Flower Bulbs

Hyacinths are prone to frost damage, so be aware of the general rule for timely planting (outside). Plant the Hyacinth bulbs at a depth of 10 -12 cm (4/5 Inch) in well drained soil. It is required to give a mulch!

Break up the topsoil into finer soil (remove clumps) and replace the soil gradually over the newly planted Hyacinths. Water well. Fertilise in early spring with some organic fertiliser on top when the sprouts become visual. Cut off the old brown flower stems by means of a sharp knife.

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