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Lily Bulbs

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Lily bulbs are ideal for indoor flower arrangements.

Quick Delivery Lilies - bold and beautiful, no garden is complete without at least one magnificent Lily. Lilies are available in a wide variety of stunning colours and shapes and many are wonderfully fragrant. Lily bulbs can be grown in borders, between shrubs or in patio containers.

Plant a few different lily varieties for fresh cut flowers all summer long, Asiatic Lilies are the first Lilies of the season to flower followed by Turks Cap Lilies, Aurelian Lilies and Tiger Lilies flowering mid summer and Oriental Lilies flower at the end of summer. Plant your Lily bulbs as soon as you get them.

Lilies are very easy to grow as long as they have good drainage, add some pebbles to the bottom of pots and grit to the soil if you are planting lilies in the ground. Plant the lily bulbs with the pointed tip of the bulb pointing upwards at a depth of about 3 times the size of the bulb deep.

How to Plant Lily bulbs in your garden

it is important to take the eventual height of the Lilies into consideration when you are planting them, if they are a tall variety they may need a sheltered spot with good wind protection. They will grow well in most Soil types but drainage is very important, if you don’t have good drainage then it is best to plant them on a slope, in a raised bed or in containers.

They like sun to semi Shade. Firstly plant your lily bulbs as soon as you get them. Remove all weeds from the planting spot. Prepare the planting area by using a firm Trowel, dig up the Soil to a depth of 3 times the width of the bulb and space them at least 2 times their width deep. Position the bulbs with the root base downwards (smallest part up wards) in the Soil and press firmly, cover the bulbs with the removed topsoil and cover with a layer of mulch. Water well after planting and mark the spot. Keep an eye out for the Newly emerging stems and support them with Bamboo canes if necessary.

Regularly check for Red lily beetles adults beetles and their larvae can completely devour an entire lily plant in a very short period of time. Inspect your New bulbs for signs of larvae before planting them and remove larvae by hand. Use Fresh compost to replant Lilies and dispose of compost if you have had any previous infestations. Chemicals can also be purchased from garden centres if all else fails.

How to Plant Lily Flowerbulbs in planters

Use a large planter, preferably a pot of approx 20 cm circ. and over even better. Put some pebbles at the bottom to ensure better drainage. Plant the lily bulbs halfway down the pot in a Soil mix of loam + coarse sand + compost. Fill up with the Soil mix and press down firmly, add some organic fertiliser on top of the Soil and water well. Place the planter on a sunny to semi shady location. As soon as the shoots appear you may need to stake them for to give some wind protection.

Keep a close eye out for the red lily Beetle as the can completely devour plants in a matter of days, remove them by hand, fortunately they are easy to catch, their grubs hatch underneath the leaves and eat the leaves of the plant.

After flowering you can plant the complete rootball in the border on a sunny to semi shady location, take care that the planting hole is big enough to take the rootball. They will re-appear as border Lilies next season.

For pot planting use the Asiatic Lily varieties and some of the Oriental Varieties such Mr. Sam and Muscadet.

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