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Asiatic Lilies

Lees verder

Asiatic Lilies flower on very strong stems that rarely need staking

Hardy Asiatic Lilies are the first Lilies of the season to flower, they belong to the genus Lilium from fleshy bulbs.

Lilies come in a wide range of colours and sizes and are suitable for planting in gardens or containers.

Asiatic Lily bulbs are not fussy about soil as long as it drains freely. Plant lilies in groups for best results. Protect your lilies with a thick layer of mulch to help the soil retain moisture in dry weather and to keep the soil cool. Feed lilies fortnightly with tomato fertilizer.

Allow lily stems to die back naturally this will help the bulb to grow bigger and stronger for next year. Lily bulbs need to be dug up and divided every 3 or 4 years.

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