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Aloe Humilis

Aloe Humilis

Aloe Humilis makes a great low maintenance houseplant!...... read more

Aloe Humilis makes a great low maintenance houseplant!

Ideal houseplant Very easy to grow Can be grown indoor and outdoor

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Aloe Humilis - 1 plant

Aloe Humilis - 1 plant A11958 - Aloe Humilis

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    Aloe Humilis

    Aloe Humilis makes a great low maintenance houseplant!

    Details Aloe Humilis

    • Ideal houseplant
    • Very easy to grow
    • Can be grown Indoor and Outdoor
    • Full grown: 3 Years
    • Full grown height: 25 - 50 cm
    • Plant location: sunny
    • Plant spacing: 30 cm
    • Preferred soil: Well drained

    How to take care of Aloe Humilis

    Use a pot with drainage holes and a good potting mix such as 'cacti mix' soil. Place Aloe Humilis plant near a window that gets plenty of sun, can also be moved outdoors during summer. Choose a location not in direct light because harsh sunlight can cause it to turn brown.

    Be careful not to overwater; this is a succulent plant. During winter it will become dormant so you can reduce the watering. During the summer months, the soil should be soaked, but then be allowed to dry out completely again before re-watering.

    Aloes have a shallow, spreading root system, when it is time to re-pot choose a wide planter, rather than a deep one. When it is root bound, it will be top heavy and will send out more new shoots or pups.

    Remove new shoots when they are 10 cm high and replant in their own pots. If not, they’ll suck life from the mother plant. Signs of this happening: The mother will get bright green and spread its leaves horizontally rather than vertically.

    Leaves that lie flat instead is usually because of insufficient light. Leaves are thin and curled is lack of watering. Very slow growth means High alkaline soil or water; too damp for too long; not enough light; too much fertilizer.

    When you need to use it medicinally, just remove a lower leaf from the plant, slice it open, and apply the gel on the affected area.

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