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Lees verder

Dipladenia or Mandevilla? That's the question

They are very often confused with each other because the shape and colours of the flowers on both plants are very similar. Nonetheless, there are distinctive differences between the two exotic plants.The Mandevilla is a longer viney plant suitable for growing on a trellis and Dipladenia is smaller, more shrub-like and full of flowers. The leaves are smaller and not as leathery as Mandevilla and Dipladenia doesn't vine as much either.

Both plants are at their best when planted in a conservatory or greenhouse border. They will flower best in full sun, but will tolerate partial shade.

For steady production of flowers, transplant your Dipladenia into a slightly bigger pot, too large a container won't harm it but it will spend more energy producing roots and top growth at the expense of flowers, so you may see fewer flowers until the roots have reached the bottom of the container.

Don't cut the plant back, or you will miss out on next season’s flowers.

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