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No Summer Garden is complete without Geraniums

Geranium or Pelargoniums are evergreen perennials plants but they are mostly grown as annuals outdoors because they cannot tolerate hard frost and will die off eventually.

Blooming all summer long, our hugely popular Pelargoniums produce masses of beautiful immaculate flowers on fragrant green foliage.

These old favourites are cherished for their vibrant coloured flowers and fragrant often variegated foliage. Pelargoniums flower abundantly from late spring into autumn. Feed Pelargoniums regularly for masses of colourful flowers throughout summer.

In addition to their strong colors, great performance, and consistency of growing habit geraniums have exceptional heat tolerance.

They are perfect for large landscapes, but are also beautiful in containers alone or combination with other bedding plants.

We carry some of the popular zonal hybrid Pelargoniums .

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