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Popular Bonsai

Lees verder

Just like other plants, there are some that are more popular than others.

Juniper bonsai have flexible branches, making it easy to shape and prune for beginners and bonsai enthusiasts making it by far the most popular bonsai to grow and maintain.

Secondly is the distinctively shaped Chinese elm bonsai, which is a strong, durable and if you are a new to the art of bonsai, it quite forgiving when you forget to water or prune. It can be grown indoor or outdoor, which makes it a popular choice for bonsai.

Thirdly is the ficus bonsai, that has a thick trunk, wider leaves and roots which adapts well to many surroundings. This bonsai is popular for indoor growing and great for pruning.

The Japanese maple bonsai tree is best known for being deciduous making it not so popular although they have a unique leaf shape, and remarkable seasonal changes.

The cypress bonsai trees can also be are popular because of their tropical appearance. They have deep green foliage, with a mixture of branches which in turn makes it the perfect bonsai for trimming and maintaining.

The Satsuki Azaleas bonsai trees are popular bonsai trees due to the beautiful flowers that are produced at least twice a year making it suitable as a gift for women.

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