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Cactus Cereus Cirio Acacana

Cactus Cereus Cirio Acacana

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A beautiful thorny cactus, perfect indoor plant for a sunny windowsill.

Ideal houseplant Drought resistant

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Cactus Cereus Cirio Acacana - 1 plant 5
Cactus Cereus Cirio Acacana - 1 plant

Cactus Cereus Cirio Acacana - 1 plant A11770 - Cereus Cirio Acacana

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  • Delivery height including pot 20 cm
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Cactus Cereus Cirio Acacana

A beautiful thorny cactus, perfect indoor plant for a sunny windowsill.

Details Cactus Cereus Cirio Acacana

  • Ideal houseplant
  • Drought Resistant
  • Bestseller
  • Full grown: 5 Years
  • Full grown height: 80 cm - 100 cm
  • Plant location: sunny
  • Hardiness: Not hardy
  • Preferred soil: Well drained

How to take care of Cereus Cirio Acacana

Cactus Plants originate in areas of the USA and Mexico and are accustomed at dryness. Place the Cereus Cirio Acacana on a light spot in the window and keep them at approx,16-18°C during the winter.

During spring and summer they can withstand a room temperature of about 20-25 degrees. Cereus Cirio Acacana need direct sunlight and moderate watering during their growing season. Water once every month, from late February onwards (add a little bit of some liquid fertiliser) to boost them.

The flowering varieties of cactus plants will flower in spring.

ATTENTION: Cereus Cirio Acacana do not like wet feet, so take care of good drainage as wet feet can lead to root rot! If and when you transplant, add broken pot shards or pebbles at the bottom of the pot to ensure extra drainage.

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Margaret R., Glasgow

Plants were in very good condition and they arrived well packaged. I was pleased with both the prices and the delivery time.


Reginald E., Leeds

Quick delivery,well packaged , healthy plants.Will use again.


Susie C., Devon

The plants were delivered in a secure box and they were healthy and the soil hadn’t dried out. I was pleased with the quality of the plants I received.


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