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Canna Tubers

Lees verder

Cannas, exotic flowers and spectacular foliage.

Canna plants are very popular for their highly ornamental foliage as well as their outstanding flowers, perfect plants for an exotic or tropical look in the garden.

Cannas will do equally well as a free-standing group or as part of a border. Wherever your Canna bulbs are planted, they will create a focal point of interest due to their vibrant colour.

Canna lilies originate from the tropics but these days most Canna cultivars have been developed in moderate climates and are easy to grow as long as they are standing in full sun.

Canna plants are grown from rhizomes, which store starch, Canna bulbs have the largest starch particles of all plant life so they are widely grown for agricultural purposes. We supply top quality Canna tubers at affordable prices. 

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