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For best results plum trees should be planted in a warm, sunny, sheltered location.

Dessert plums

Victoria Plum is the most popular plum variety of all. Victoria Plum is self- fertile producing an abundance of large juicy, pale reddish-purple fruit with yellow flesh. Victoria Plums can be eaten fresh from the tree or cooked for desserts and pastries. Fruiting begins in August. Victoria Plums are easy to grow and ideal for growing in small gardens.

Plum Opal is an early fruiting variety it produces delicious reddish-purple fruit with soft yellow flesh at the end of summer. Plum Opal is self-fertile variety can be used to pollinate other non self-fertile plums.

Prunus domestica Black Amber is a great dwarf variety perfect for growing in a pot on your patio, its compact growing nature makes it a good choice for small gardens. Black Amber produces delicious tasty dark coloured fruit with creamy yellow flesh late in summer. Black Amber is self-fertile a good variety for growing in cooler climates.

Culinary plums Plum Czar is a strong variety of cooking plum. Its dark blue-purple fruits have a slightly bitter flavour, which makes it perfect for cooking; if left to ripen for long enough Plum Czar can also be eaten fresh from the tree. Plum Czar is a self-fertile variety so you don't need more than one tree to produce fruit.

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