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Bird Baths

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Provide a happy place with our high quality birdbaths!

Birdbaths are often the focal point of an overall plan for a garden setting that includes natural nectar and food plants, shrubs, trees, and feeders.

Birdbaths are used as an attraction for many different species of birds to visit the garden. It’s a shallow pond in which many birds may use to bathe and 'cool off,'

They are also a reliable source of water for birds especially during the summer and drought periods from which they may drink.

Providing a birdbath is vital for creating a welcoming wildlife garden and it can be anything from a garden ornament or handmade basin filled with water!

Two inches of water in the centre of a bath is sufficient for most garden birds, because they do not immerse their whole bodies. They only dip their wings to splash water on their backs to cool off.

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