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Bird Feeders

Lees verder

A great selection of quality bird feeders FSC certified!

To get the best experience from your bird-feeding hobby it all starts with providing high-quality wild bird feeders and tasty nutritious birdseed.

Bird feeders often are used for bird watching and are an excellent resource for all of your bird feeding needs.

All our hanging bird feeders are can simply hang from a hook in the garden so that birds are visible to the viewer and the openness of the feeders allow birds to get in and out quickly if necessary, this makes the birds feel safer, and if they feel safer they are more likely to return again and again.

A birdfeeder can be any device placed outdoors to supply the birds with food during the difficult times of winter when they cannot dig into the ground for worms.

The success of a bird feeder in attracting birds all depends on its placement and of course the kind of food offered to them, remember different species have different preferences. You must site the feeder out of reach of predators such as squirrels and fill the feeders with peanuts or/and seeds for wild birds.

Our bird feeders are weather durable, functional, and very easy to fill and clean and can be easily hung or post-mounted.

Bird feeders need to be regularly maintained, poorly kept feeding and watering stations may cause illness to the birds so steps should be taken to reduce the risks to birds, such as: regular disinfecting of feeders and watering stations, ensuring feed has not become mouldy or rancid.

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