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Bird Food

Lees verder

High quality wild bird food, garden bird seed, mixes and suet fat food.

Remember certain foods tend to attract certain birds, so, the more varieties of food you put out the greater the number of different species you will attract in return.

Usually, birds will go for the food that provides the best source of energy, so the higher the calories the better. To attract such as songbirds such as cardinals, finches, and chickadees you can fill most bird feeders with mix of nutritious seeds such as sunflowers (Oil and Striped) pumpkin seeds, Suet balls and Suet blocks.

Robins love mealworms, Goldfinches adore Nyjer Seeds and Blue Tits love Sunflower Hearts.

This specialised blend of striped sunflower seeds that we offer are especially popular with bird enthusiasts. They are known to attract a large variety of birds and is so the best choice to offer the wild birds in your garden this winter. It has a thicker shell so it’s much harder for House Sparrows and blackbirds to crack open.

Always keep the food dry and check regularly to make sure the food does not turn mouldy and cause the birds to not to return or even worse to get sick.

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