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Lees verder

Calatheas are also known as zebra or prayer plants because at night their leaves fold upwards-resembling hands folded in prayer.

Calatheas are tropical houseplants that belong to maranta family; they originate for the American tropics. Calatheas like to be grown in bright indirect light. They require high humidity; their leaves will turn brown at the edges if the air is too dry.

Calathea houseplant in various species

The Calathea leaves are oval, ribbed, wavy and decorated with the finest leaf drawings. These house plants not only look wonderful, they also move. When the sun rises the leaves open and in the evening they close again. The underside of the leaf is velvety soft from some species. Mmm

Calatheas such as Calathea Lancifolia, Calathea Makoyana and Calathea Rosea Picta are both very decorative and very stylish. The Calatheas are known for their typical Calathea characteristics, such as the leaf that is green-striped at the top and purple at the bottom.

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