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Dragon Plants

Lees verder

Dracaena plants also known as Dragon Plants make great easy to care for houseplants.

More tolerant than most plants of dry soil and irregular watering.

Dragon plants don't just look good, the foliage of these plants purifies the air and contributes to the climate in your house and office. The addition of Dragon plants to your home or office is a natural way to reduce air pollution and increase oxygen levels; Dracaena plants also help control the humidity in a room to within the optimum range for your health.

The Dracaena is an easy and strong houseplant. It is suitable for semi-shade, dry air and is not always thirsty. It is a full, tall houseplant and also a tree and with multiple stems.

Dracenas originate in South Africa - Madagascar and Central America. Dracena houseplants are divided into fine-leaved varieties and large-leaved upright species with woody trunk. Both types are supplied as a houseplant. Dracena plants are air filtering plants, they clean the air from your living room.

Dracena's are graceful plants with a lot of variety and shape that will do well in all interiors. They do not require a lot of maintenance, regularly some liquid plant fertilizer is sufficient. Repot once a year, preventing the soil from becoming exhausted.

The dracaena is, together with the ficus, a very popular houseplant. The orchid is also a much-bought plant.

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