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Low Light House Plants

Lees verder

All plants need some light to live

Low light conditions can be a challenge for the indoor gardener. so to put your mind at rest we have put together a category of the plants most adaptable to low-light conditions, making them suitable for rooms which are starved of light.

Houseplants for rooms with little sunlight and shady areas

With these houseplants suitable for dark shady areas in the living room you always have a nice green roommate.

Not all plants survive in a dark place in the room, but there are enough plants that naturally have little light enough. These grow in wooded areas under or in trees. Many orchids grow in trees in subtropical rainforests far below the canopy in relatively little light. No plant can grow completely without light, but the plants in this range will do much better at the places in your living room where there is little sunlight than the plants that are naturally accustomed to direct sunlight. Want to know more about houseplants

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