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They are very easy to grow indoors requiring very little care. A Phalaenopsis orchid plant makes a wonderful gift.

Orchids are very popular plants because the produce such beautiful and unusual delicate looking blossoms, they bloom for months on end and they are really easy to care for.

We stock the most popular orchids Phalaenopsis. Their blossoms look like they are made from rich velvet and appear during winter and lasting for months on end.

Orchids in the wild are either terrestrial (growing on the ground) or Epiphytic (plants that grow on another plant non-parasitically), they live on the branches of trees or on rocks and they take their food out of the air or from rainwater.

Orchids prefer a moist well-drained situation, and semi shaded environment.

Orchids are good indoor plants that can bloom for months with a little care.

The orchid is immediately visible in your living room, stylish and beautiful in color. It is one of the most popular flowering houseplants of all time. Did you know that the orchid can easily be placed. On your dresser or in the window box he finds everything right and is easy to maintain.

Orchids provide a wealth of beautiful flowers, colors and shapes. The orchid plants are fairly easy to keep and do not require as much care as a certain regularity in the care. Orchids can bloom for months on end and require a slightly shaded place behind the window. Another popular flowering plant is Anthurium and Bromelia. Also view our other houseplants

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