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Spider plants (Chlorophytum)

Lees verder

Chlorophytums are more commonly known as spider plants, originally comes from South Africa and Asia.

Chlorophytums are easy to maintain as houseplants they grow well in areas of sun or shade. Variegated Chlorophytums in particular are used as houseplants; they are strong and air filtering perfect for purifying the air in your living room and or office.

Chlorophytums are "Clean Air" plants

The Chlorophytum also called the Grail lily is one of the easiest plants to keep alive. It is a real air purifier, which is why you see these plants a lot in offices. With its decorative foliage it is also a beautiful houseplant. So double enjoy!

Chlorophytums have the ability to clean the air. The Chlorophytum comosum variegatum is mentioned in a list from NASA as a plant that can filter the air very well, remove harmful components in the air and clean air with oxygen is excreted by the leaves of the plant.

Chlorophytums are graceful and easy to grow plants that do well in pots and hanging baskets. They bloom with small white flowers.

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