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Hosta - Plantain Lily

Lees verder

Hosta plants are also known as Hart Lily and Funkia, in Japan they’re known as Giboshi.

Suitable for growing in borders, large tubs or in shady spots where nothing else will grow.

The Hosta was introduced to Europe by Dr. Phillip Franz von Siebold, (1796-1867) who himself raised the still popular Hosta sieboldiana Elegance. Hosta plants are prized for their architectural foliage, their variety of shapes, colours and their hardiness are widely appreciated by gardeners all over the world providing interest from spring to late autumn frosts.

Hosta plants are very adaptable they grow well in shaded areas of the garden and make great ground cover plants. Many varieties grow well in containers too. We deliver strong multiple nosed Hosta plants direct from our nursery for best results.

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