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All Irises

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Choose from our large assortment of Perennial Iris Plants,100% Guaranteed!

Irises - grown for their unique and colourful flowers and lush green upright, sword shaped leaves and will tower over your garden with a rainbow of colours!.

Beardless Irises have no hairs or crests on their falls.

Siberian Iris otherwise known as Iris sibirica, Iris Louisiana, Iris ensata and Iris Laevigata are all beardless Irises.

Bearded Irises have beards of coloured hairs along the centre of each fall. They’re also known as Iris germanica. Iris Pumila is also a bearded Iris.

We supply top quality Iris Rhizomes.

The rhizomes or bulbs contain a toxic chemical called irisin which can cause various symptoms if ingested. Irises are considered to have low toxicity and skin irritation upon skin exposure is usually mild.

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