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Hemerocallis - Day Lilies

Lees verder

Hemerocallis is the botanical name for Day lilies

Hemerocallis are also commonly known as day lilies and often referred to as the perfect perennial because they are so hardy and easy to grow. Some Hemerocallis varieties open only in the morning and other Hemerocallis open in the afternoon.

Hemerocallis are easy to grow hardy perennials often flower continuously from July until August. Hemerocallis can be planted almost anywhere and will tolerate windy as well as coastal locations. Many Day lilies are fragrant and will return in slowly expanding clumps each year.

Growing Hemerocallis

Hemerocallis Lilies are fantastic Perennials even though each flower blooms for just one day you may not even notice because the plant is smothered in flowers all summer long. The foliage is bright green and strap-like, it is evergreen in mild areas, soon forming large clumps that help to suppress weeds.

DayLilies create the most impact when planted in masses or sweeping groups to provide lots of colour all summer long.

They are easy to grow, extremely hardy and they manage to escape most pests and diseases. Well developed clumps are usually weed and drought resistant, and can live maintenance free for decades.

Plant them in moist Soil, they like best moist conditions but will tolerate dryer Soils. Plant them at a depth of (10cm) 4" and space (30-40cm) 10-16" apart. They thrive in partly Shade as well full sun, for the maximum amount of flowers they require about 6 hours sun per day. Apply some organic fertiliser on top of the Soil. Water them well for their first 6 weeks in the Soil, once established they are fairly drought tolerant.

Remove withered flower heads regularly. Break up and divide if needed every 3 - 4 years and replant.

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