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Butterfly attracting perennials

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All the art of attracting butterflies in his garden

For many people, watching butterflies twirling in the spring and summer in the garden can be an interesting or very relaxing time, for others to garden with butterflies to increase pollination has become a favorite game in view of the positive results that butterflies provide on the garden. Nowadays, gardening with butterflies has become one of the most popular hobbies. Here are a handful of easy-to-grow plants that will attract these majestic insects into your garden and some tips to make your particular garden a piece of biodiversity.

Create an environment for butterflies

Tip, plant your flowers or butterfly shrubs in a sunny place (5-6 hours each day), but also sheltered from the winds. Butterflies need the sun to warm up, but they do not want to feed in an area where they are constantly beaten by the wind that prevents them from quietly foraging the plants. It's also a good idea to place some flat stones in your sunny spot so that butterflies can pause from time to time.

Butterflies need water like everyone else. Keep a puddle of wet mud in a sunny spot, or fill a bucket of sand with enough water to make the sand wet.

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