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Chrysanthemum - Chrysanths

Lees verder

Chrysanthemum are one of the longest lasting cut flowers.

There are early and late flowering varieties providing flowers almost all year round.

Chrysants Dendranthema hortorum are beautiful plants for the autumn border, they provide colour when other plants have begun to fade. Chrysanthemums - with so many different varieties to choose from you’re sure to find one or more that you absolutely love. Chrysanthemums come in a wide range of different colours, forms and sizes some varieties grow outdoors and some indoors.

All Chrysanthemum have deeply lobed, dark green foliage and blooms are composed of many individual florets surrounded by rings of ray florets, each one capable of producing a seed.

Chrysanthemums can be divided into 3 main groups - Garden chrysanthemums, pot chrysanthemums and Florists chrysanthemums.Japanese Chrysanthemums

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