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Lees verder

Calamagrostis is a spectacular, deciduous ornamental grass with a defining feature of a stiff erect habit.

Prized for its thin vertical green foliage and wonderful loose feathery flowers which emerge pink tinged and gradually changes to a fine straw colour as autumn and winter approaches extending the seasonal interest for gardeners.

The flowers resemble butterflies fluttering in the breeze and are ideal for drying and cutting. Calamagrostis plants can be planted to form a feathery informal screen, or in large groupings towards the back of a border, and excellent as just a single specimen.

These cool season early perennial grasses are not invasive in any way and remains evergreen in mild winters and attractive for months on end. Performs well in a wide range of climates, as long as the soil drains well but will not tolerate bog conditions

They are fast-growing and easy to maintain, we recommend cutting back stems close to ground level from late winter, early spring to help rejuvenate. The cut stems can be left on border and used as natural mulch or composted.

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