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Plantain Lily Hosta Pathfinder

Plantain Lily Hosta Pathfinder

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This shapely beauty has waxy creamy- white foliage with wide irregular dark green rippled margins. A medium si... read more

This shapely beauty has waxy creamy- white foliage with wide irregular dark green rippled margins. A medium sized Hosta perfect for ground cover or planters.

Low maintenance Decorative foliage

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Plantain Lily Hosta Pathfinder - 1 plant

Plantain Lily Hosta Pathfinder - 1 plant A08001 - Lily Hosta Pathfinder

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Plantain Lily Hosta Pathfinder

This shapely beauty has waxy creamy- white foliage with wide irregular dark green rippled margins. A medium sized Hosta perfect for ground cover or planters.

Details Plantain Lily Hosta Pathfinder

  • Low Maintenance
  • Decorative Foliage
  • Flower colour: white
  • Leaf colour: variegated
  • Full grown width: 25 - 50 cm
  • Plant location: Sun and semi shade
  • Plant depth: 15 cm
  • Plant spacing: 30 cm
  • Hardiness: -15 Celsius
  • Preferred soil: Well drained

How to take care of Lily Hosta Pathfinder

Plant Lily Hosta Pathfinder slighly below the soil level. Form a small cone/mound in the bottom of the planting hole, spread the roots over it and add the amended soil. Lily Hosta Pathfinder require a moist soil and grow well in both light and full shade.

Once established they can be quite drought resistant. Lily Hosta Pathfinder should be sheltered from wind, feed all Hosta plants with a balanced plant food in spring and in summer. Mulch regularly in autumn or spring with a thick layer 10cm of garden compost.

Water well for the first few weeks after planting and after that once or twice a week, water the soil around the base of Lily Hosta Pathfinder rather than the leaves. As slugs and snails can do considerable damage, especially to new leaves, place some small sharp stones around Lily Hosta Pathfinder.

If supplied as bare root: Please soak the bare roots for 12-18 hours (do not exceed 24 hours). This allows them to take up the maximum amount of water without doing any injury to the plant.

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First class products with a prompt service to match. Will definitely place further orders.


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