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Climbing Roses

Lees verder

Climbing roses are not only beautiful they’re also very useful;

rapidly covering unsightly walls or fences in beautiful veils of flowers.

Rambling roses are quite often mistaken for climbing roses, however they’re not the same, climbers are repeat bloomers prodcue flowers throughout summer and autumn while rambling roses produce a flush of flowers only once at the beginning of summer.

Climbing roses can either make their own way through trees or over man-made structures or they can be tied and trained to grow up a frame. Climbing roses send out long shoots and their thorns help them to fix themselves to whatever they’re climbing.

Climbing roses bloom heavily in spring followed by scattered blooming throughout summer. Climbing rose blooms can be single, semi double or double and are almost all fragrant. Deadheading or removing faded flower heads from the climbing roses helps them to produce more flowers later in the season.

Train climbing roses during autumn while their new soft stems are still soft enough to be bent without breaking them. Climbing roses should be pruned back in winter after flowers have faded.

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