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Hybrid Tea Roses

Lees verder

Hybrid Tea Rose is the most popular variety of rose.

Crossbreeding two types of roses, perpetual roses and old-fashioned Tea roses initially created the hybrid Tea Roses.

Hybrid Tea Roses come in almost every colour except blue, they have a beautiful form, a pointed conical centre and outer petals that reflex as they unfurl. Hybrid Tea Roses produce their flowers either singly or in clusters on long straight, upright stems from early summer well into autumn. Most Hybrid Tea Roses are fragrant, some highly fragrant. The flowers can be used for cutting as they are long-lasting in the vase.

Hybrid Tea Roses have an open habit and grow upwards rather than outwards, almost all Hybrid Tea Roses are repeat bloomers, the first flowers appear at the beginning of summer with scattered blooms well into autumn.

Because Hybrid Tea Roses bloom repeatedly they need to be fed often throughout the growing season with a balanced fertilizer especially made for roses.

Why not add our Culvita Rose Manure fertilizer to your basket it contains all the nutrients essential for healthy growth and an abundance of beautiful flowers and healthy foliage.

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