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French Bean Gondola

French Bean Gondola

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French Bean Gondola is a so-called Butter Bean, produces long bright yellow butter soft, very tasteful beans. ... read more

Delinel is known for its heaving yielding and full flavour of fench or dwarf Beans. Also suitable for freezing! 

Highly resistant to disease!

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French Bean Gondola - 1 pack of seeds

French Bean Gondola - 1 pack of seeds A09234 - French Bean Gondola

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  • Seed weight 100 gram
Seed weight 100 gram - Delivered as seed(s) Out of stock



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French Bean Gondola

Delinel is known for its heaving yielding and full flavour of fench or dwarf Beans. Also suitable for freezing! 

Highly resistant to disease!

Details French Bean Gondola

  • Edible
  • Blooms: May - June
  • Flower colour: white
  • Harvest: July - September
  • Full grown: 6 months
  • Full grown height: 25 - 50 cm
  • Full grown width: 25 - 50 cm
  • Plant location: sunny
  • Plant spacing: 8 cm
  • Hardiness: Not hardy
  • Preferred soil: Well drained

How to take care of French Bean Gondola

Plant the seeds in late spring in seedbed in open ground. Cabbages do best in a sunny location with reasonably firm soil. They do not do well in very acidic soil; if your soil is acid then apply lime during soil preparation.

For best results dig in plenty of well rotted manure or compost the autumn before planting time (this must be done months before planting). Sow seeds 1.5cm deep, rows should be spaced 15cm apart. After germination has taken place, thin out seedlings to 10cm between each plant.

Transplant to their final position when the plants are approx 10cm high and all danger of frost has passed, space approx 50cm apart.

Customer reviews

Margaret R., Glasgow

Plants were in very good condition and they arrived well packaged. I was pleased with both the prices and the delivery time.


Reginald E., Leeds

Quick delivery,well packaged , healthy plants.Will use again.


Susie C., Devon

The plants were delivered in a secure box and they were healthy and the soil hadn’t dried out. I was pleased with the quality of the plants I received.


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