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New Vegetables & Herbs

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New Vegetables & Herbs

You don't need a garden or greenhouse to grow your own herbs.

Our kits are ideal for growing herbs on your windowsill, they can be taken directly from the pot to the saucepan for maximum freshness and flavour.

Our seed packets complete with detailed growing instructions

Herb seeds - a mixed container of herbs growing outside by your kitchen door is very handy but if you don't have the space don't worry most herbs can also be grown indoors on a sunny windowsill and can be taken directly from the pot to the saucepan for maximum freshness and flavour.

We supply seeds for growing many of the most popular and useful varieties such as Basil seeds, Coriander seeds, Parsley seeds, Sage seeds, Thyme seeds and Rosemary seeds.

We stock mini greenhouses with herb seeds and compost for you to start of your seedlings; our mini greenhouse kits make great gifts.

Sowing your vegetable seeds

Crops such as lettuce and carrots are usually grown in shallow trenches. Firstly fork and level your Soil. Spread a stretched garden line over the Soil. Stand on the line and remove the Soil away with your garden hoe. Make your trench a half inch deep and sow your seeds a half an inch apart. Slowly pour water over them and pull back the Soil. Be sure not to damage what you have just sown. Do not forget to mark the spot, so you know where your vegetables lie. Be sure never to let them dry out. They need water to germinate.

Keep your vegetables growing

Stagger your planting by planting a few Vegetable seeds weekly and you will be rewarded with a Fresh cycle of vegetables every week. In very hot weather, protect the Seedlings with net cloches to stop them from wilting and to provide some Shade. If Seedlings apPear to be close together they will need thinning out but not with lettuce or Carrot as they can stimulate Carrot fly. Plant chives beside Carrot plants to discourage Carrot flies.

Growing your own herbs

Growing herbs in containers allows you to free up garden space while controlling the invasive herbs such as dill, parsley and mint. Place the containers just outside your back door in arms reach. They also make great Hanging basket plants. Ensure your container has drainage holes and your Soil is well drained. plants growing in containers dry out faster than in the ground so water daily in dry weather.

During the growing season, pinch the plants back to keep them bushy, compact and Healthy. Remove any dead or diseased leaves. herbs can be easily moved indoors for the winter. You need to move them gradually into the different light and temperatures. Place them in the sunniest position in your house and continue to care for them, water only when the Soil is dry and check the plants frequently for common pest such as aphids and spider mites.

Conserving your herbs for the winter

Only cut Healthy branches from your herb plants in late summer. herbs such as Rosemary and Thyme are better dried but herbs that retain moisture such as Basil and parsley are best frozen as they can form mould. Freeze the leaves flat and individually. When frozen solid, place in airtight containers and return to the freezer. For drying the herbs, you can place them on baking tray and cook at a moderate temperature for a few minutes until crisp.

Another method is to bundle 4 - 6 branches together and tie as a bunch. Cut several holes in a paper bag and label the bag. Place the herb bundle upside down into the bag and hang the bag upside down in a warm room. They will be ready in two weeks. And last is using your car as a greenhouse. Spread out your herbs on a tray and leave on the back seat. In a sunny location with all the windows up your herbs will be ready in 1-2 days & the car will smell gorgeous. Your herbs will retain more flavour if you store the leaves whole and crush them when you are ready to use them. Always store your herbs in airtight containers and label them with names and dates.

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