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Lees verder

Ceanothus is a valued and useful shrub for a sunny, or shaded position. Its often best planted against a south-facing wall.

Ceanothus is evergreen and very drought tolerant. Ceanothus benefits from a good organic mulch in late winter or spring.

The genus is restricted to North America, with the majority of its distribution is in California hence its common name the “California Lilac. Ceanothus comes from a Greek word meaning spiny plant.

How to prune Ceanothus

All ceanothus species that bloom in the spring should all be lightly pruned after flowering in June. Prune branches or shoots that have become too long with 1/3 in. Ceanothus species that bloom in late summer (August-September) should all be lightly pruned in early spring (March). Not pruning often makes the plants look sloppy in the long run.


Put the bushes in a sheltered, warm place. All ceanothus do not tolerate a cold, sharp wind. In cold winters the leaf of ceanothus can be damaged by the frost. Apply a large layer of compost in March around the base of the bush.

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