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Lees verder

Low care shrubs suitable for wall-side borders, cottage and informal gardens

Chaenomeles is a genus of deciduous thorny shrubs in the family Rosaceae, japonica, × superba and speciosa. They are native to Japan, China, Bhutan, and Burma. These plants are related but not to be confused to the quince (Cydonia oblonga) and the Chinese quince (Pseudocydonia sinensis).

Chaenomeles are often refer to these species as flowering quince or Japanese quince. The most commonly cultivated Chaenomeles referred to as "japonica" are actually the hybrid Chaenomeles × superba and Chaenomeles speciosa; funnily enough Chaenomeles japonica itself is not as commonly grown. Crosses between speciosa and japonica are grouped under Chaenomeles x superba.

Chaenomeles produces edible apple-shaped aromatic fruits that are a golden-yellow color containing red-brown seeds in late summer.

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