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Lees verder

Weigela is a low maintenance, fast growing deciduous shrub!

Weigela bushes are native to Asia. Weigela is a tough and hardy deciduous shrub with graceful arching branches and vibrant flowers.

Weigela will thrive when planted in a full sun position, it will also tolerate light shade but flowering will not be as abundant. Weigela has few pests to compete with and is a low maintenance shrub. Pruning is required to clean up untidy and old branches or to rejuvenate it.

How to care for Weigela

Weigela are long-lived deciduous Shrubs. Plant it in sun or partial Shade from autumn to spring and you will be rewarded with lots of flowers in June-July, a sunny location will result in more flowers. The flowers will apPear on last years growth.

Plant in a well-drained fertile Soil that does not dry out. It will grow to a height of 2m (6ft), and needs to be spaced about 1m (3ft) apart. Apply mulch and feed regularly in spring. After flowering cut back shoots with faded blooms to keep its shape. Add a top dressing of compost or manure over the root area in autumn.

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