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Passion Flower

Lees verder

Great for indoor and outdoor beauty

Plant Passiflora or Passion flowers in large pots of 30 cm or at a warm location against a pergola or trellis. They need a warm south side of the house. Plant them in as good mix of clay-sand and compost (1/3 of each) Provide daily water, help the shoots to get attached to the trellis, fertilize ever two weeks with a soluble plant fertilizer between May and August.

The plant will award you with hundreds of spectacular flowers. Take the plant indoor during the winter and keep the plant at 16-18 degrees. This plant will only begin to grow in season when the night temperature if above 10 degrees.

Growing Passiflora

Passiflora Varieties can be grown quite successfully in our climate, especially the Caerulea variety (blue) and white Constance Elliott variety which is reasonabily hardy. Plant all varieties against a warm wall (south facing) with trellis or pergola. Plant them in a spacious plant hole and spread out the roots. Fill up the hole with potting compost and top Soil and water well.

Guide the first shoots along the trellis and afix them. They can flower with hundreds of lovely flowers, fertilise the plant in early spring with some organic fertiliser. During autumn the folage will die down, protect the base of the plant against frost with a bundle of straw. In spring the plant will rapidly re-grow from the base upwards.

In general, the blue and white Varieties are the hardiest, Other Varieties can be grown succesfully in large containers that need to be kept in a shed during winter and or frosty periods.

The variety passiflora Edulis has spectacular flowers and edible Fruit, the Fruits are big and very tasty.

Passiflora grown in containers

plant them in a container with a diameter of 16 -18 cm and repot in approx. 3 years. Give sufficient organic plant food. Keep moist and place pots on a warm and sunny location. During the growing season apply every two weeks some Liquid plant food such as Phostrogen. During winter protect the plant by placing the container in a frost free location.

An exotic plant from the amazone

Passiflora grows in the wild in the rainforest's of South America, they have determined several hundred Varieties of which a number have been taken into commercial production to be sold as a spectacular climbing plant for gardens and some for Fruit - juice production. The first expedition coming across these Rare flowers were flabbergasted and thought that these plants were sent from God.

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