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Buxus (Boxwood)

Lees verder

Buxus also known as Boxwood or Box is commonly grown as a hedge or a formal plant used for clipping into Topiary shapes

Evergreen Boxwood has small glossy leaves in a rich, dark green colour. We supply a range of pre-trimmed Boxwood sempervirens in ball and conical shapes; we also deliver Boxwood plants for hedging. The Boxwood plants we stock are very healthy and grown by our specialised nurserymen.

Tip; Topiary must be trimmed into shape with sharp tools, but only during dark rainy days else you will get brown edges along the cutting line. Cut back the upper third of leading shoots in spring to promote bushy growth.

How to prune boxwood

The more often you prune a box, the fuller it becomes. The best time to prune the box is at the end of May. You need to prune a box at least twice a year, but for the best results you can do it better four times a year. The second time you prune him in early September and in between you can also prune him a number of times.

Always prune the box on a cloudy day, because the leaves can burn due to the sun. If you want to prune in the sun, sprinkle it with water first and put a fleece cloth over it when you're done.

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You can buy Buxus  quickly and easily at gardens4you, your online garden center. We have a large range of Buxus to choose from directly from the nursery.

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