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Bonsai Tools

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Tools for maintaining and training your Bonsai

In order to maintain your bonsai tree it is important to use the correct bonsai tools. Check out our range of specialist bonsai tools such as our bonsai secateurs and our range of bonsai training wire.

Bonsai training wire is used to train your bonsai tree branches to grow in the direction that you desire. Wire is only left on as long as it takes for the tree to set in the desired position. Japanese bonsai wire is reusable and very easy to apply to bonsai Aluminium wire is easy to work around the trunk and branches and less likely to damage the branches when compared to traditional copper wire. The traditional copper wire has its advantages also; its annealed coating protects the wire from corrosion and helps to camouflage itself with the trunk.

As a general rule, the thicker the branch, the thicker the wire it will require to hold it in place. Copper wire is stronger than aluminium wire of the same diameter. Aluminium can be easier to work with, but you may need a thicker wire to do the same work that a less thickness copper wire could achieve.

For bonsai wiring, the thinnest usable aluminium wire would be 1mm and it would 0.5mm for the lowest recommended copper wire thickness.

The wire works by bending the wood and in the process you stress, and sometimes damage the cells. While the tree is repairing the damage it grows into the shape forced on it by the wire.

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