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Crassula- lucky plant or Money Plant direct from Holland!

Crassula belongs to the group of plants known as "succulents" plants. The genus Crassula includes around 200 species. Crassulas are usually propagated by stem or leaf cuttings so you can easily cultivate new plants by sticking a leaf into some soil. Many species originally come from South Africa and grow in sunny, dry areas.

They are not frost hardy but make great easy to maintain succulent houseplants. They are able to survive long dry periods. Crassula are not fussy when it comes to the soil but its important that the soil can drain the water immediately. When the soil is too wet there is also the possibility that the roots will rot. Let the soil dry out properly before you water it again and not just the top soil, check the roots regularly. Because Crassula grows slowly it is not necessary to feed it much.

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