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Lees verder

They are attractive succulents, highly valued for their amazing colours and variations, with the stunning leaf colour of many varieties.

Most of these species have a rosette form and are commonly called in English "Hens and chickens" .

They are drought resistant just like in their natural environment but also enjoy regular watering and fertilizing. Free draining, porous soil is essential to prevent root rot. The most common problems seen on Echeveria plants are due to poor watering habits.

When you water Echeveria plants, water only the soil and not the rosette and let the soil dry out a little between each watering. Echeveria don’t like to be kept too wet, but they also don’t like to be kept too dry. In a house the dry home temperatures dry plants out even faster. Too dry and it will wither the plant’s roots.Dramatic changes in lighting can stress plants out.

Echeveria is a species of succulents orginating from Mexico and central America.

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