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Choose a large houseplant

Impress with large houseplants in your living room. These houseplants are spectacular and very decorative. This green roommate gives your living room a unique and contemporary character. We therefore have a large assortment of large indoor plants online. Whether you go for a hip Monstera with its special tropical leaves, Dracena or a beautiful Ficus. They will immediately turn your house into a true green experience.

These large indoor plants vary in length between 1 meter and 1.75 meters, so you immediately have something in the living room. Larger indoor plants create depth in your room, making your living room look bigger, weird but true! Because of their size they are suitable for placing directly on the ground instead of on the windowsill and because of the large leaf surface they have an extra favorable effect on the indoor climate. Buy a suitable pot directly, then it's completely finished!

Order large indoor plants online at Gardens4You

With all our large indoor plants you get standard flowering guarantee, if you are not satisfied you get new plants or your money back. You can order without worry. We have the best quality large indoor plants and deliver your plants quickly. You can also pamper your plant with extra delicious plant food.

Also take a look at our other houseplants. Like the very popular aloe vera, sanseveria and calathea.

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